Sonu Nigam’s son Neevan sings Kolaveri.

Warning : What you are about you watch is the cutest thing ever.Please go forward at your own risk.
(about the song,  i can’t take it anymore , once it’s stuck in your head you’re screwed.It does’nt stop playing in your head.)

But If there’s ONE good reason for more Kolaveri content to exist, or for you to brave the song , it’s Sonu Nigam’s son Neevan singing Why this Kolaveri Di.

He’s adorable.You just want to pinch his cheeks.He is the cutest thing, and he is #WINNING.I said it like that because i don’t want to accept that i am old now and i find babies and other cute things adorable.

Alternate use of this video includes but is not limited to , playing it for your female friends and colleagues to score points and get them to say “”Awwww, how cuuuuuteeee” ( which it is )  and to get them to think you’re not creepy.( which you are )

More power to Neevan ! You are a sweetheart…er…i mean , you are #winning….bro !…..Please do your studies also ok beta.Power rangers will be on in a while.

Dammit a child beat me to a viral video……Again.

End of transmission.