Review – Using the Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000

It’s been about 4 days since i’ve had the Galaxy Note.
I’ve written this review using the Galaxy Note, the WordPress app, and the Internet.

Things you need to know:
Specs :
It costs about 33k in India.This is what it looks like up close with a Samsung Galaxy S2.

I found the original Galaxy Tab, the P-1000 to be just the right size for a tablet.
It wasn’t the most powerful machine but it was just right.And It made phone calls too.

But this isn’t a phone or a tablet.It’s in between.It’s supposed to be anyway.

Samsung’s newer tablets went the Apple way and don’t let you make phone calls. #fail

So here we go ,.. the Galaxy Note..
Does it fit in your Pocket ?

If you’re a guy, then it should fit into your pocket without any problems.Unless you like wearing really tight pants, which is not weird at all.

If you’re a girl, you will have the “pocket isn’t large enough” problem.Unless you like to wear baggy pants.Either way you’ll dump it into your handbag along with your keys and 34 other things.

Making Phone Calls with it.
Fortunately, you do not look completely stupid holding it up to your ear.

I honestly think, people in the future will look back, and laugh at us,for holding gigantic tablets, thinking it’s cool.The future is possibly not having a phone at all.You could get hit by a truck using your ipad on the road.Someone made a transparent messaging app, that lets you see what’s in front of you so you can keep typing….[pause]…..Don’t use that app.

Using it with one hand.
If your hands are as large as mine ( the hand of the average Indian woman ), basic stuff like picking up calls , toggling stuff etc. is easy with one hand.

But if you really want to get into the phone, things will be just slightly out of reach.

YOU are not good enough.

If you have relatively large Indian hands then this shouldn’t be a problem.

Using the Note while lying down is a little uncomfortable.Using it on the toilet seat however, is very comfortable.

I tested this in many places and the Galaxy Note consistently locked on to satellites where the Galaxy S2 could not lock on at all.
8 out of 10 times the Galaxy Note achieved a GPS lock in under 7 seconds.I have no actual monitored data from the phone on this, but the GPS locks did seem much quicker than other devices.
The Note comes with A-GPS ( assisted gps ) and  Glonass , which is basically Russian Gps.You can read about it here.

Screen and Touch.
At first you won’t notice this, but I found that while using the Note with your fingers, you need to use just a little more pressure on the screen.Not that much more though,Just a little.
I find the touchscreen more responsive to the stylus than one’s finger.Yea.

Handwriting and Swype
The handwriting recognition is pretty much spot on 80% of the time, which is pretty good.But typing messages using the handwriting recognition method is just too slow.You could type 3 messages out in the time it takes to use handwriting recognition to write just 1 message.
Using the Stylus on Samsung’s Swype keyboard however, is blazing fast !.Somehow it’s even faster and easier to use swype with the stylus as opposed to using your finger.

It's Tiny.

Using the Stylus.
The phone responds very well to the Stylus, and works better if you use it like you would use a pen.Wish it was bigger though. (#TWSS reference )

There was a point when i found the stylus to be slightly off, but toggling auto-rotate fixed it.
Source :

Even so, pretty cool.

The button on the Stylus is for advanced controls ( going back, menu , taking a screenshot etc ) It works brilliantly, but it would have been perfect if the button wasn’t so low down, which makes it harder to maneuver.

If it was a taller pen, and with the button an inch up, the S Pen would have been perfect.

The S Memo software lets you do things like this.

Being able to sketch the way you can on the Galaxy Note opens up a world of possibilities for more talented people , like artists and architects .
For the rest of us , it’s another way to use pictures with twitter and faff off at work.

The Power Button Issue.

Strange,…. no one's calling me.

This to me, is the only real flaw with the Note.It’s location makes it prone to being hit easily.You could end up powering it down accidentally in your pocket , or locking the screen when using it in landscape mode.
This happened to me a few times after which i had to mentally train myself NOT to hit it accidentally.Yea.I know.
I’m pretty sure Capdase or some other company will make a case that circumvents this issue.I googled the word “circumvents” and it means “to work around”, so i am correct.

Battery Life
The large battery on the Note is awesome.But i won’t discuss battery life here because quite simply, it is relative to how much you use your phone.I get about a day and 16 hours out of it.But i’m pretty sure you could get a day and a half out of the Note with heavy use.

The Samsung Flip Case for the Galaxy Note
This thing baffles me.

It replaces your back cover, and has the case cover attached to it.This makes it fantastic for covering up your Note , but is a bit of a pain when you wan to use it.Sometimes i love it, sometimes i hate that it’s there.

Should i get it ?
If you already have an S2 , or an iphone  or something along those lines, then no, you don’t really need it.But it’s so damn sexy , no one will blame you if you do buy it.
I’m going to try using it as cell phone , but i honestly believe i will go back to using the Galaxy S2 as my everyday phone, it’s just easier to deal with.
People who plan to own just the Galaxy Note can definitely make it work as their primary cell phone, tablet , internet and entertainment device.It will just take a little bit of getting used to.

That’s it.The End.
If you are brave enough you may read further.

Rooting and Custom ROMs.
It’s a breeze rooting and installing custom ROMs on the Note.If you do this you do it at your own risk of course, and you void your warranty.
You can head over the the Galaxy Note Forums at XDA and read everything before you get started.

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