I love the Classifieds.

In a desperate bid for even more attention i have started blogging.Work is slow.It’s strange ,there’s not too much of a demand for cross dressers these days.

Anyway i’ve decided to add music to this blog, to give each post a distinct feel and to sort of trick you into feeling like this is more than just a blog.So hit play and you’ll feel cool and stuff while reading on.

Ellie Goulding – Lights ( Bassnectar Remix )

Most people read the newspapers from the front to the back, or the back to the front or they just skip the text and simply look at all the pictures.I do this sometimes too.If you do this, you’re missing out on some epic unintentional entertainment.The classifieds sections in the newspapers.

Under the Beauty and Cosmetics section … “Breast enlargement Clinic.For Ladies ONLY” Not very strange , because i’m sure there are lots of men who need this done as well.Television is not easy business.The ad goes on to read “Shape , Enlarge and have attractive Breast” This is obviously for people who only want ONE attractive breast at a time.

Under the De-Addiction section i found an ad that read ” Leave Alcohol wihout telling Addict” This is amazing.It should be some kind of reality show or something.Why isn’t anyone filming this !! The ad also reads ” 5 lakh people treated ” How in the world did they get 5 lakh people treated without even telling them.My mind is just blown.Incredible.

I feel sorry for the idiots who actually respond to the classifieds in the Escorts section.The ad’s read “Earn upto 1 lakh.Make friendship with Hi profile housewives , air hostesses and celebrities” Seriously ? Earn 1 lakh making friends ? We’re all in the wrong business ! What i would really like to know in a non sexist way is, if the housewives are busy making friendship with you , who the hell is cooking food for their families, ironing the husband’s shirts or taking the kids to school ? If the air hostesses are hanging with people who’ve paid to be friends with them , then who’s on the airlines ? The celebrity part however,is believable.

This one just blew my mind.I’m actually still recovering.No.Not from the treatment.

Bhai, thoda Pani(s) milega ?

My only conclusion to this is, The Panis mightier than the sword , and also that there is a major shortage of pani(s) in Mumbai.
So the next time you open up the newspapers , make sure you go to the classifieds section.You just might find something for your Panis.


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  1. amangaulechha August 9, 2011 10:12 am 

    i do read the classifides