Ishant and Gautam “Bum Chums”

I don’t know who shot this video.I have no idea how they knew this was going to happen.But whoever you are, I just want you to know that I‘m happy to see you’re using your powers of predicting the future to good use.

As a kid i remember using the words ” Bum Chums”.Don’t you ? I remember my mom using it.Everyone used it.I thought it simply meant “good friends” or “best buddies”.While writing this i decided to research it’s origins. ( on the internet of course…, it was pretty easy..didn’t take much time ..) Please go ahead and check out what the internet says it means.I’m saying this because i just heard my mom tell one of her friends over the phone that i’m bum chums with the dhoodwalla.

Yahoo Answers - Meaning of Bum Chums
Google Search – Meaning of Bum Chums

So here’s the video.I want you to watch this AND play this song with it.It’s by an amazingly talented bunch of people including Julia Sheer.And it’s this blog post’s theme music because it’s increbily apt.

Cue Music :

Play Video

( 6 hours later )

Now i’m NOT saying anyone in this video is of any particular sexual orientation.I honestly would’nt know because i don’t know them personally.Not that i would know even if i did know them personally.That last part was by my lawyer.I’m just saying DAYUM ! That’s some bad luck getting caught on national television feeling up each others bums.This is possibly the roughest way to find out that scientists have invented zoom lenses and you’re not alone with your friends out on the field.Another interesting fact is that this “bro love” is a normal sight among a lot Indian men ( who are friends with each other ), and has nothing to do with their sexuality.Of course i could be wrong about these things ( and i usually am ) but i’m pretty sure the kela walla in my area and the chemist aren’t in a relationship.But they do hold hands on their lunch break.

I’ve only watched this video 23 times and i already know i’m not going to be able to fall asleep tonight.No, i’m not homophobic.Some of my best friends are gay. ( Ok not really , but i just wanted to piss them off with this for leaving that brown paper bag with dog shit at my doorstep , setting it on fire and then ringing my bell ) I’m saying i won’t be able to sleep tonight because i wanted to know what happens after.This damn video ends too abruptly.

I wish Ishant and Gautam the very best of luck with their relationship ,and they should seriously consider adoption, as opposed to trying themselves.
Also , if you have nothing better to do , put only the letters in bold in this post together ,and you will find a hidden message.


Completely unrelated, here are some bums i created using only a keyboard.

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