Me and this AXE Shower Gel Campaign.

So like Duh , It was like , just like ….an ad campaign – and everyone was in on it.
Just to make things clear , i don’t endorse AXE officially , i was just part of their ad campaign and got paid a SHITLOAD of money for it ( this is a lie ).
I love MTV and AXE ! What an incredible experience !
For those asking, You must know that the whole thing was not my idea. If i had that kind of power i’d call up BMW or Mercedes or Daisy Bras and Panties.
What an insane campaign. I’m so lucky to have been part of it.I found it insanely traumatic shooting for this , but in the end it was a LOT of fun, and i’m sure someone made a lot of money.
So now if you punch me in the stomach , AXE Shower Gel comes out of my ass.

If you’re a senior citizen , and/ or you’re been focusing on Ram Kapoor’s television sex life, and you missed it, here’s all of it.

And here’s all the torture.

1.About the kidnapping bit : For those of you that took it seriously, this will teach you to believe everything you read in the Bombay Times, on twitter or on television. Also come on,….no one would really give a shit if i Really got kidnapped. And now they Definitely won’t.That sucks , but point 2. makes up for some of that.

2.I was doing my job, which in this case, was to be repeatedly molested ,abused and showered by incredibly good looking Brazilian and German
women. As much as i protested this horrific thing they wanted to do to me, i was bound by contract and hence was forced to er … shower with these incredibly hot women, ….repeatedly.

3.I got a lot of tweets about this whole thing .Here are some of my favorites.

^ I wanted to, but my phone would have gotten wet.

Er..i’m sorry ? My own relatives said prayers and offered masses for me and stuff.LOL.Also Please refer to points 1 and 2 above.

^ LOL !

So yea , if any part of the campaign upset you , i must remind you that these women were from Brazil, and Germany, and they kept touching me, repeatedly.Drenched in cold water all day and night , beaten up, abused, with various crap all over me, i could have died doing it , but it was fun. If you have any questions please refer to point 2.

Gotta go, the girls are here again , they say they’ve developed something called “Stockholm Syndrome” and need to keep the showers going.

I’m back beeyatch !

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  1. Babulalkol November 30, 2012 3:53 pm 

    Last 1st epic was too Phunny