10 Points for Aamir – #SatyamevJayate

I read every single comment and blog about the show, and then a whole 24 hours later, I watched #SatyamevJayate. This is what i think.

This post is actually 10 points for Aamir. Not +10 points but , 10 actual points that came to mind when i was watching the first episode of #SatyamevJayate

As it is mandatory to criticize things i would like to start off with the criticism.

1. Lose the weird Audience reactions. Well some of them at least. In fact things would look better without audience reactions at all. Oprah has a better audience simply because their people look better on screen. It’s unfortunate but it’s the way it is. I think the filmi bits can go too. Like the random shots of Aamir doing his trademark poses / facial expressions. Or the camera randomly following his face while he is pensively thinking about something. Weird.Let Aamir be real.

2.Don’t think Aamir should smile / laugh during the super serious parts. I know he’s trying to show surprise or something but it looks like he’s finding it funny. Could be an edit thing.

3.Dr. Puneet Bedi was brilliant when he said we should put these cocksucker doctors in Tihar Jail. I think apart from a fast track court for the cases , make female feticide punishable by life imprisonment without parole or death + castration ( even post death )

4.If Aamir Khan can keep this up , and pick the right stuff , we just might have some hope after all. Things will get tricky when and IF , he decides to go after Cola Companies ( BIG IF ) ,or children begging on the streets , vote bank politics. That’s when the Big people in Big places will start to get uncomfortable. So IF this show decides to take on more relavant issues , it will be up against criminals that possibly have political backing.

5.It might be a television show , but FINALLY someone is trying to use the television medium to it’s fullest potential. It doesn’t matter who got paid how much money if even a little bit of good can come from this show. We can bitch about it, or we can actually use this show to force our government to solve problems that we KNOW are rampant. God knows we’ve all been chilling. So even if the show doesn’t intend to , WE can use it to highlight the really hardcore FILTH going on in our country.

6. With reference to point 5 , Aamir Khan and his team might soon need Z security. This is hoping they keep hitting at core issues of corruption , evil and the sheer lack of governance when it comes to these things.

7.There was a point when Aamir said go to the website and he said Dabloo Dabloo Dabloo     ( www ) , this was probably for greater reach. Also sometimes when you’re speaking hindi moving into english and back you end up sounding like your kela wala.

8.For my Internet bretheren : At the end of the day , villages and cities deep within our country might not have the internet but they definitely have access to television. I honestly am a sucker for ANY kind of hope. I can’t wait to hear what President Prathiba Patil and DR. Manmohan Singh have to “say” about the evil doctors still practicing medicine and NOT A SINGLE doctor being arrested.

9. The show seems genuine , thorough , and to the point. It takes HUGE balls to do something like this no matter how much you’re getting paid. It is NOT EASY to talk about issues like this. At the end of the day it’s his ass on the line and I for one , support him wholeheartedly.

10.I hate people singing unnecessarily, but there are some things words by themselves just can’t convey.I have to say the song O Ri Chiraiya by Swanand Kirkire and Ram Sampath is beautiful. I have 2 nieces who are the most beautiful babies in world to me , and i cried. Everyone feels that way about their kids. How can you not ? The bastards that kill unborn children should rot in hell.

In conclusion i would like to say that it is totally legit for someone like me ( a cement mixer and star of mostly bullshit ) to comment on Aamir Khan or anyone else’s work.
I sent that sms. Y to 5782711 . Because now , i feel a little more empowered to help, other than just tweeting about stuff. AND I WORK FOR A RADIO STATION. Talk about shady stuff and see how quickly the cops show up to harass you. Just like with the reporters that did the sting operation. I have nothing but respect for them.I can’t imagine what they’re dealing with.
Yes there are shitloads of people who have already dedicated their lives to helping, but we don’t notice anything unless it’s larger than life. We’ve become numb , indifferent and cynical to anything that seems too good to be true. One half of the country is already awake and is trying to do something. If it takes an Aamir Khan to wake up the rest of this country up , so be it.

+10 points for Aamir Khan and the people behind this show. Please don’t let this die because of advertisers and MNCs and political criminals. We’re with you. We can make this show work or we can just keep moving. The best part is , we don’t need an entire country to care. We just need some of us to care enough. Let’s do this. And lets use TV to do this. It might be the only way left.


  1. kuma May 7, 2012 11:14 pm 

    I hope fliploads people get inspired by the show. Wouldn’t it have been great if it was also streamed on youtube ?

    (point 8, I think you spelled wait as want)

  2. gnitz May 8, 2012 11:34 am 

    I also like the fact that most of the revenue from SMS votes will go to charity. So for a change, I actually feel like sending an SMS makes sense.

  3. prerna May 8, 2012 3:41 pm 

    Haha! Great one. Thank God your criticism was sensible. Others are already saying “Aamir khan. I am challenging you. Can you remove corrapsaaan thru ur sow? (show)


    For your post, some good shit.:)

  4. Shri Ram Ayyangar May 8, 2012 7:58 pm 

    Present day youngsters are averse to preaching of any sort,and this one is another dose, hence the mixed reaction. I really wonder, there are people to oppose showing of ‘Dirty Picture’ on TV and there are those who do not like debate on sensitive, real & burning issues being raised in this show!First thing WE do is to find fault rather than find meaning.