#OpIndia Mumbai June 9th 2012

I realized today that I have never been to Azad Maidan. I wonder how many of us have. I’m completely against ridiculous censorship of the Internet , so i decided to go support the cause and and check out what was going on.

I called a friend on the way to Azad Maidan to get a heads up on “the scene” and he told me that there were 5 and a half people there. I got there an hour later and called again to find that he had left to go hang out at The Gateway of India because it was really boring and there was no one there.But when I got inside i realized that was not the case.

More people here than at Anna Hazare's Protest

I walked in and of course no one recognized me because I didn’t have a mask on.There were groups of people talking to each other about the situation, discussing which Isp they were using, posing for pictures etc etc.

Most of the people there had their heads and hearts in the right place. They knew what they were doing there and what they were protesting against.
Since this is a protest originating from within the Internet you have to keep one thing in mind.The lonelier you are, the more you love the internet, and there were a few people there who REALLY loved the internet. Those are the guys we need to worry about , because they will say stuff that could make these protests seem baseless or frivolous to our Government, when in fact we’re trying to protest a serious breach of our freedom. I repeat, this was just a few people ( like 4 ) , but still that’s all it takes.
I spoke with the people there and here are some of the pearls of wisdom i was subjected to.

  • Look man , Piracy is like a knife. Like you can use a knife to cut vegetables and eat and stuff or you could even use it to stab someone. Piracy is like that so we should look at it as having a good side and a bad side. O_0
  • Aarey if i bought the cd then what is the problem ? I can share it online with my friends. :-O

Finally someone rightly said , “Look why are you bringing up piracy , this has nothing to do with it. We are just fighting for completely different thing.” Fortunately most people were of this mindset. So considering we’re doing this off the Internet , we’re bound to attract some crazies. That’s something we need to be careful of.

I think it’s shameful that random corporate companies can have sections of the Internet shut down, and the AUTHORITIES are doing nothing about it. Our IT acts need amendment. Hell our entire country needs to be amended. That’s what I’m supporting.

I love what Anonymous is doing but i don’t support taking down government websites, mostly because our people probably didn’t even know they had these websites till they went down. If Anonymous can, please help us expose and take down the corrupt. That would be much more effective.

I think it was a good day and we should keep doing these Peaceful Protests and keep the numbers growing so that they pay attention to us and realize that Internet People are in fact people from the real world. On a side note there were a total of 5 girls there.One could have been a guy i’m not sure. The cops were pleasant , chilled out and didn’t bother anyone. They didn’t seem to care at all.

This dude probably thought he’d get arrested for all the full hd torrents he’s been downloading.

Yo , did you see what the Khaleesi was wearing on GOT ?

I would recommend that Volunteers don’t let random people talk to the media.
Other than that , to see so many people come together on a really hot Saturday afternoon , is a Positive sign.

More power to the people. Less power to the crazies.
#OpIndia Mumbai June 9th