How To / FIX Nike FuelBand Error #52 and Error #34

I JUST got my Nike Fuelband , plugged it in and was prompted to do a firmware update.I clicked Update and after the update my Nike Fuel Band was DEAD.

Whenever i connected it to the computer , it would recognize it but the software wouldn’t.

First i got this error.

Then i got THIS error.

Multiple tries on various computers proved unsuccessful.

After trying different computers ports , force updating the firmware many times it still wouldn’t start.
( Force Updating is holding the button down and plugging it in to prompt the Nike Connect software to do a firmware update )

Then Somehow I managed to get it working again.Step 3 is what I did differently from what I had been doing before.

1.First : Make sure you’re not using a USB port that’s part of a hub.
2.Hold the button on the Fuel Band down and then plug it into your computer. The first picture above should pop up.
3.DO NOT hit update.Do Not hit Exit. Unplug your FuelBand. ( did this TWICE )
4.Plug in your fuelband again. The first picture above should pop up again. If it doesn’t, start from step 2 again.
5.Now hit Update and cross your fingers.
6.If you see the progress bar on the firmware update go back and forth a few times then you know it’s working.
7.Your Fuelband should light up at the end of this.
8.To be safe , get into the Nike Connect app and do a Factory RESET.

If it doesn’t work , don’t give up , try again. At least we know it’s not a hard brick.

That’s it. I Hope this works for you. Can’t be sure if this is what fixed it exactly but it’s worth a shot.
Let me know if it worked for you.