Sup.Getting into fitness.

I’ve decided to get fit. I can’t say i’ve decided to get fit again because i don’t think i ever was. Strangely every time i decide to do something like this , weird stuff happens and gets in the way.
On the treadmill today I was shocked.No really.Literally. There’s something wrong with the treadmill and I got an electric shock.Some kind of grounding issue. Then there was this other time a pigeon got stuck in the treadmill under the thing you run on . Ok that second bit didn’t happen. I guess I’m going to have to run on the roads like other weirdos.Just like exercise, I think I’ll blog more often. This is so much easier than twitter. So this post was about how I’ve decided to blog more often, so i’m blogging about the fact that i’ve decided to blog more often. At 6AM. Good Night.