Taxi Adventures in India.

So the taxi dude says there’s a problem with his car.His car starts jerking, which to me seemed suspiciously like he was tapping the accelerator and the brakes.I know this because I used to be a taxi driver myself. So we pull over , he tries to cheat me about how much I have to pay him because “right now no one knows what the exact fare is, not even the tariff cards.haha” he says. I say “Ok” while making eye contact, proceed to pay him , while he’s apologizing profusely about having to pull over etc etc. I begin walking in the opposite direction and like a ninja, disappear behind a car while stealthily watching the taxi driver, like politicians watch money.

Now suddenly this post goes into Past Tense.

10 minutes later I was disappointed with myself for doubting an honest man, and for wasting 10 minutes on this instead of going home.Just as I thought this, he jumped into his car and drove away, probably laughing about how clever he was.

As I walked towards my destination, I touched myself.But that has nothing to do with this story. If he had just said “Hey man, I don’t want to go there your place is shit there’s too much traffic there, can I drop you off here ?” I would have been like “For shizzle Bro, I totally understand.” But he didn’t do that. I noticed he was stuck at a signal up ahead , trying to take a U-turn ( just like he did in our relationship). I just happened to have my camera with me and decided to take a picture of him as he was taking the turn.

He was really shocked to see me standing there with a camera and probably checked out my rock hard body as well.As he made the turn,he smiled at me nervously and gestured with this hands “Why yaar ? No No Come come Sit Baitho ” I made the Facebook “Like” sign at him with my hand and walked home feeling #LIKEABOSS thinking I should write this as a blog post so everyone can know and protect yourself from Yogi Bear the lying cab driver.