In Protest of the #DelhiGangRape – Aazad Maidan Sunday 23rd December

So I was back in Mumbai and I thought wow I have to be part of these protests in whatever way.So I called up Cyril , this friend of mine , and we went over to Aazad Maidan. It was good to meet, really funny bad ass female stand up comic there,Aditi Mittal.

It was a small, simple protest , more of a show of solidarity for the people in Delhi fighting the real battle, also possibly because Mumbai will only wake up when it’s hits them directly in the face.
Things are SO BAD , we’re blind to it because we’ve spent decades doing nothing about it.It’s just how India lives.We’re all used to it.Chalta hai.

Someone wise once said, “You don’t need everybody to care, you just need some people who care enough.”

Here are some pictures from that day.


People are seriously pissed off.I personally believe that the ONLY way anything is ever going to change is if we have some SERIOUS Police reforms and then clean out all the Politicians with rape and murder cases against them. If we the people can make it so, that it’s the one thing that’s not corrupt, everything else will fall in line.Of course that’s easier said than done.That or people will eventually get so fried that we’ll have no choice but to get onto the streets and protest.

1.We need to get our Police officers OUT from under these damned Politicians.Everything is about political pressure and money.Our Police forces have families too.They are forced to do what they have to do.

2.Politicians already have so many body guards, why do they need so many police personnel ? Shouldn’t they be saying this themselves ?

3.All scam money should go towards paying our Police officers more money. Maybe then our RTO guys will stop taking bribes and harassing rickshaw guys for 20 bucks.

This is just random, but we really do need Police Reforms.Real reforms.Not like the reforms we got after the terrorist attacks in Mumbai.Yea, Terrorists came to our city , KILLED a shitload of people and 4 years later NOTHING has changed.

Who am i kidding, the people meant to protect us , beat the shit out of peaceful protesters.Men, Women, Senior Citizens.They didn’t discriminate.This post is pointless.Rape is the least of our problems.