The Samsung Galaxy S4 Real World Review

The Amazing Samsung Galaxy S4. The INK on the box is printed with SOY INK. The Box is 100% recyclable.

This is the Indian 16gb Octa Core Samsung Galaxy S4.
Here are it’s specs.

Quadrant Sys Info.

Quadrant Sys Info.


Samsung says it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before but It looks JUST like the S3. and even more like the iphone now than ever before. LOL



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Alright lets get to the phone.This is what the phone looks like IRL, not like you see it after full blown photo shoots :D

Here are a few shots of the Samsung Galaxy S4 just chilling.


Here are some shots of the S4 with it’s weaker sister , the S3, which will either be to the left or on top in case you get confused ;D Also these pictures are reminiscent of National Geographic mating documentaries.For this, I am sorry.


Now for some shots so you have an idea of the screen real estate as compared to the S3.

Now that you know what it looks like lets talk about the phone a bit.

Observations : 

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is a little lighter than the S3, and fits well in the hand , not more so than the S3 though, strangely.The S3′s curves seem to create a more comfortable experience. This however is only something a previous S3 owner might notice. Maybe it’s because the S3 was designed for humans, and the S3 is a life companion.And we all know how life companions can be.

I find the Galaxy S3′s screen to be sharper and slightly more vivid, as compared to the S4′s screen which seems more “fuzzy”.

I also find the S4′s lowest brightness setting to be much lower that that of the S3. It actually feels like the display uses less power. ( as compared to the S3 ) Which would explain the battery life. ( I’m coming to that ) The last set of pictures above demonstrate this a bit.Check the difference between the “APPS” icons in the pictures above,  with the S3 and S4 side by side, on lowest brightness settings.

Are all these Amazing Features Awesome ??

Android is full of amazing features and apps.But the features Samsung sells the S4 on are more a function of the Os than the phone itself.Features like Air View, Air Gesture, Smart Stay, Smart Scroll, Motion etc,although pretty cool, will suck battery and in some cases you end up looking like a mental person trying to get it to work consistently. Personally, I think WatchOn is really cool although

Questions and Answers : 



Battery Life :  This is tricky.Battery Life is relative so please draw your own conclusions.Relative to the Galaxy S3, is the battery life better ? Yes. How much better ? Not SO much,but noticably better.3G and the Screen are your biggest battery killers.
On the S4 though, the minimal battery drain is the first thing you notice.

For me the S4 easily lasts a day. Where as with the S3 , I’d be looking for a charger by the end of the day. Here are some screenshots of battery consumption.Will update this as I go along as this WILL change, since I’ve only just started using the phone.The problem with smartphones is that we just can’t stop touching them.And more so when we first start using them, so IMHO battery life should be checked a couple of weeks into using a device. During First Battery Cycle

Phone at 1% Battery – 1Day 7 Hours 46 Minutes

Time to Charge :  1:06am start charge with phone off 1:15am put phone on.It’s at 8% charge 1:35am 30% charge 1:48am 44% charge 2:17am 75% charge 24:6am 95% charge 2:53am 97% charge 3:01am 99% charge 3:06am 100% charge Red Led still On 3:10 100% charge Red led still On 3:16am 100 charge notification pops up ! Green Led On !

Does all this power translate into a better experience ?  Well, No.Not that I’ve noticed.Yes, everything is much snappier ( when compared to the S3 ), I keep thinking , “butter” Butter “butter”.It really does feel lke butter.But there are times when there’s that liiiiiiitle bit of lag. ( When opening your phonebook, or when opening something JUST when your wi-fi is connecting ) Now you could say that these are things that happen for a SPLIT second, but considering it’s the most powerful device out right now you would expect it to jump before you ask it to.Of course , these are problems with ( edit : Samsung’s tweaked ) Android that need to be fixed, and they DO get fixed over at xda, if you’re brave enough to root your phone.

Check out these 2 posts.



When I say you can feel it I mean it gets pretty hot sometimes( hotter than usual, understandably ), right under the camera led. Things you should know : Don’t freak out when you see that you have only 8.82 gb of space on your 16gb S4, Or Do. Check out this article at Extreme Tech.


Having said that, and although I work at a radio station, I’ve realized that I have rarely ever used the FM radio on my phone.Although,India has a huge number of radio listeners, and people that DO use their Fm radios on their cell phones. So Basically.

Btw, I’m LOVING this phone, and once I’ve rooted I will move from my S3 to the Galaxy S4 :D
I’m going to leave you with the lyrics to Ranveer Singh’s new Gangnam Style.

Please Demonstrate for our techniclarigy challenged friend.
Samsung Style Samsung Style Samsung Style
Samsung Style Samsung Style Samsung Style
If you like the S3 then this phone is even better,
It has an HD screeeen ..and is just a lot slimmer
441 ppi is not just a number
Look at THIS clarity, it’s brighter
Ismein Airview Hai Message pe Ungli lag-ao toh voh khulta hai !
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S4 Samsung Style
Samsung Style

S4 Samsung Style
Samsung Style
More Than Just A Phone
S4 Samsung Style

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Samsung Style.

Aaaaaaaaay Reliance se Le Le !
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S4 Samsung Style

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