Agnee – Aahatein wins Best Rock/Pop Single of the Year !

I was at the Kingdom of Dreams ( also known as the Indian Hogwarts ) at the Taping of the Global Indian Music Awards in Delhi.

Man i was so happy to see Agnee win the GIMA for Aahatein ! For some strange reason the sponsors like to call the event, Chevrolet GIMA powered by Lava Music Phones.Something to do with shit loads of money.You’ll see it on tv soon i guess.

When accepting the award , Mohan said “The biggest gift to me is that i don’t really have to sing this song when we’re performing it for people” , because everyone sings along.You can’t not.It took me straight back to when they made the absolutely incredible “lyric-less” original for MTV Splitsvilla.

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I remember listening to this for the first time.My Mind was shattered by how beautiful the song was.My soul was literally wrenched from within me and i wanted to cry.It’s obvious i had emotional problems at the time.The Fact that i’m blogging means i still do.I listened to the song over and over and over and over and over, put it on any device i had that played music.It was just so intensely sad and happy at the same time.I could not get over ( and still can’t ) how beautiful the song was.It literally became a part of me.Before a break up , this is song that will help you when you’re sad.After a break up , it’s a an amazing celebration of life’s happiness through Pure Soul translated into music that has no words.

I was so obsessed.I went out of my way ( like a douchebag ) to tell Mohan that they shouldn’t put lyrics to the song.I was like a crazed Belieber on crack.I was like that person that harasses a Dj at a club.Yeesh.And i had just met these guys for the first time when interviewing them for MTV.I was so attached to this masterpiece of a track that i didn’t and possibly couldn’t ever make in a million years…, that i just didn’t want to let go of it.That’s how powerful their music is.

Then they released Aahatein.

They said what could not be said with a song that had no lyrics.It blew my mind.Then they somehow bettered it.Something i thought i was just not possible.My mind was already blown.There was not more to be blown away.And still , i am blown away..And that’s what this piece is about.I haven’t met the rest of the band but Mohan and KoKo, i just wanted to tell you that THIS is what your incredible talent has done to my life, that i felt the need to write this down.

Congratulations on the #win , may you win many more, you guys are brilliant and i will not accept Rs. 35,000 /- or any other form of payment for making love to my pillows while listening to your music and then writing about it.Can’t wait to experience what you guys do next.

P.s. I’ve Destroyed the play button on your website.

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