i9500 – Galaxy S4 Laggy Camera / Reboot – Fix.


Been using the Galaxy S4 i9500 for a while now and occasionally the camera app would hang, and then the phone would reboot.

The good (or bad ) news (i’m not sure) is that it’s just badly written software.A week ago was already too late to have fixed this.

After testing this for a while now, as Gillion over at XDA says, I can confirm that it DOES seems to be a memory management issue. So when you’re low on ram, the camera app crashes and reboots the phone. ( THIS on supposedly one of the most powerful phones in the world ) . Yeesh. It is a shame Samsung hasn’t fixed this yet or acknowledged the problem. This “fix’ has got to be the lamest thing ever.

Here are your options.

1.Download a Task Killer

like –> Es TaskManager or Advanced Task Killer.

Use the Widget to Kill all apps before you use the Camera and you’ll find it’s much snappier and faster.

2.Using Developer Mode to limit background processes.

Go to Settings –> More —> About Phone and keep hitting “Build Number” till you it says “Developer Mode Enabled”

Go to Settings –> More —> Developer options —> Enable Developer Options —> Scroll All the way down

Then try the first two settings under Apps. You can choose to Limit background apps or have none running in the background at all.
Choose whatever suits you best, keeping in mind this will close apps and you could lose unsaved data.

I hope Samsung fixes this soon, it has been EXTREMELY frustrating.
Big thank you to Xda for preventing me from destroying this phone.