PC Game Prices in India.

This post is just my opinion on the rising prices of PC games. You can’t read that and not laugh.What is this world coming to ? ( And I’m writing a post about this ? )

Read this article over at IVG first.

Really ? Why is everyone so worked up about how much games are going to cost ?

Because Games are so much more than just Games.If that has to be explained to you then you don’t really care and you can stop reading.
Games.Everybody wants to play them no one wants to pay for them.If i had a game for every time someone on twitter said “just down the torrent myeaaaan” , I’d have more games.

The prices of games were at at sweet spot in the Indian market and it didn’t make you feel like, ” Shit , I spent so much on building this damn computer now wtf is THIISSS SHIT”

Also, I think it’s more the sudden insane markup on prices of the games that’s bothering Indian gamers more than anything else.

If people are forced to they WILL spend more money or they will WAIT AND WAIT for deals and discounts, or they will stop buying those games altogether.
The “rest” ( which is a lot of them ) will simply pirate it.The problem is, more people will join the “rest” when they feel like it’s too much money.This is the truth unfortunately, lets not beat around the bush.Especially in India. We love free shit.Even if it’s illegal.

What we need is games releasing at the same time , not by region, and better anti piracy tech. ( I hate it too, remember when you could install just the game  ? Neither can  I.)
Stop the douche bags from stealing your stuff, don’t screw the people that have been buying your products all these years.Either way, it’s their product, and it’s completely their decision on how much it should cost.
Personally, if these games were drastically better, ( like blood coming out of my screen ) , I wouldn’t mind spending my money on them.But it’s the same thing we’ve been playing for years, with better graphics.Let’s challenge our minds a little bit.( Just a little, you can still just hit the buttons) Games I wouldn’t mind spending money on would be games like WatchDogs, Arkham Origins and I just bought this amazing little gem of a game called Prison Architect ( Early Release.Who knows when it’ll actually release ).But that’s just me.

Maybe people will spend some more time thinking about which games they should buy,maybe they’ll say “If i’m going to spend this much money let me see what else is out there …” and then they might stumble upon other amazing games which in some cases are cheaper, more fantastic or both.

Games  like :

Worms, the new Tomb Raider game, Spec Ops The Line, Red Faction Armageddon, Plants Vs Zombies, All the Left for Dead Games, Just Cause 2, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet,The Hitman Series, Eufloria,The Devil May Cry Series, BulletStorm,Deus Ex:Human Revolution, Deadpool,Deadlight, Dead Rising 2 , Darksiders 1 & 2 , and SO many more games (these are just some of the ones I love. Please feel free to add them to the comments ), which are far more fantastic or cheaper or both.

New Game prices right now are out of control.

Read this Letter by Concerned PC Gamer Azeem Banatwalla