Let’s help @Vidyut

Hi, let’s treat this as an experiment of sorts.
Someone we know needs a bit of help.
Let’s see if we can do something productive with this Social Media thing.


You probably already have, but if you haven’t, you can read Vidyut ‘s story here -> Vidyut
You can get to know her better and stalk her thoughts via Twitter and feel free to ask her whatever questions you want to in case you have any doubts, but please don’t waste her time.

I’m posting this to tell you that we can help her get on her feet, and if you know anyone  in the News industry, tell them that she should be writing for them.She really should.

She will not be able to return money,but many people can confirm that she will pay it forward by offering home and any help to other women in need.

Her goal is to be able to find a steady source of income and afford a small cheap flat in the back of beyond somewhere.

These are her details.Even a little will go a long way.

Vidyut Kale
HDFC Savings Account: 09901000001861
Yogi Nagar Branch
IFSC Code: HDFC0000990

You could offer help in any way you feel like, but I do believe money would be best in this case.
Here’s wishing her the best of luck.

If you feel like someone that many people can vouch for needs a bit of help, hit me up on Twitter.